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Vault United will be having two summer pole vault camps this year!

The first pole vault camp, June 23-26, will be the same type of camp we always have. We will do a lot of drills and vaulting with some video analysis for every camper. This camp is focused on reps for each athlete to learn the most they can. This camp is great for all levels of pole vaulters.

The second pole vault camp, June 27-30, is what we are calling a “ProStyle Vault Camp”. This camp will take a more in-depth look at each vaulter and their jump. There will be fewer vault sessions at this camp with more video sessions to analyze jumps. Also, every camper of this camp will work directly with Coach Tom Hays of the University of Kansas, and Coach Ryan Hays of the University of Alabama. To do this we have to limit this camp to around 25 athletes.

We hope that one of these camps will benefit every vaulter out there. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Ryan at 816-304-4320 or email at

See you at Camp!!

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