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Vault United wants to provide athletes with as many opportunities to pole vault as possible!

Practice Sessions

This summer we are bringing practice sessions back to Saint Teresa’s Academy in Kansas City! Stay tuned for practice times and dates.

If you have questions please email Coach Ryan Hays –

Meet Schedule

Summer Vault Series at Saint Teresa’s Academy in Kansas City, MO. The schedule will be released soon.

For other meets to jump at look at the different Universities Track Schedules or Websites to find the high school or open meets.

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Jayhawk Winter Pole Vault Camp – December 27th – 29th

Registration for the Jayhawk Winter Pole Vault Camp has opened up! The Camp will be held at the University of Kansas indoor track facility with multiple pole vault pits for the different groups and skill level of athletes. No need to bring your own poles, we have a wide range of UCS Spirit vaulting poles for every athlete to use.

Summer 2019 we will host two Pole Vault Camps at the University of Kansas


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